Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Farewell from Ms. Suzanne...

As exciting as it is to begin a new chapter in life, it is usually at the expense of ending another. It's never fun to say goodbye, but saying so here isn't so awful, because the people of First Baptist Cleveland have become family to me, and you don't ever truly say goodbye to family. You see, I have forever been changed, forever been shaped, and defined...nurtured and encouraged... challenged and sharpened because of the four years I have spent here. Indeed, Cleveland will always be a home for me. 

I know that God is moving in this and preparing a way for our good and His glory, even if at times it seems sad to us. I say us, because just as God is preparing to use me in new ways, He is with you and through you too! Which is just so exciting...an unknown, hopeful, purposeful, eternal exciting! 

Throughout this process one song has been rolling through my mind, through my heart, and on my lips. It played when I came for a day of interviews at Perimeter Church, where I will be serving beginning tomorrow. It's a Chris Tomlin song and my prayer for my life and for yours. I pray that you live this way and take steps...even seemingly scary steps, because your heart is to glorify God first and foremost. We are Girls for HIS Glory, right!?

"I Will Follow" (Chris Tomlin)

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow...

All your ways are good
All your ways are sure
I will trust in you alone
Higher than my sight
High above my life
I will trust in you alone (trust in you alone)

Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you, yeah
I will follow you, yeah

Yeah! Amen!

Throughout the process of farewell hugs and shared memories, the e.e. cummings poem has resonated in my mind and heart...
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart) i am never without it..."

I don't think I could have said it better. I have been impacted greatly because of this season and in such a way that the way God uses me, the way I minister and love others, the way way I serve will forever be enhanced because of my time here. I will love more deeply and offer more compassion and grace because I was taught through personal experience. 

Thank you for loving me and welcoming me into your family. I will never be more than a phone call, text, tweet or facebook message away, and it is my prayer and desire that we keep in touch! I covet your prayers as I begin this new season loving and serving the girls and people of Perimeter Church in Atlanta. 

Oh! And stay connected with this blog - it is YOUR blog! I am excited to announce that Karissa Liebe (our latest guest blogger) will be posting on the blog this semester with all things Girls Ministry and some great challenges for you! She's pumped to be taking this on and I am too! She has a sweet heart for the Lord and Girls Ministry! I encourage you to get to know her! And know that she would love to have YOU guest blog too, just let her know!

Know I am praying for you and love you! Keep in touch!! :)

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