Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girls Ministry in Haiti!

Hey Girls!

So we just got back from Haiti early Monday morning, and it was a blast! We got to experience so many cool things and watch God work like only He can. Our team ran a youth camp Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, which consisted of games, relays, sidewalk chalk, and just talking with and loving on some sweet Haitians. Those evenings we got to worship with the same kids from camp, where some of our students gave their testimonies! Some of our girls who shared were Alex Hutt, Anna McFarland, Riley Kralik, and Abby Coulthard. They did so awesome! Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday were a little bit more random days, but much was still accomplished! We visited a village called Nawash, which was very close to where we were staying. We were able to go house to house with translators and share the Gospel, as well as our own stories, with the people living there. We even gave out some pillowcase dresses and headbands that you all made on Service Day! :) Thank you for being there with us in Haiti because you served to make those things for us to give. The little girls loved them!! One of the coolest things we got to do while in Haiti was hike up to the top of a little mountain where we could see a breathtaking view, as well as a wooden cross placed at the top. We were able to spend some time in silence praying for Haiti and its people, as well as sing some worship songs with the Haitian people that came along with us (and helped us when we were about to die from climbing straight up). ;) I wish all of you would have been able to experience this trip with us and we encourage you to sign up the next time a mission trip is offered! Know that we missed you while we were gone. To see more pictures of our trip, go to the First Students Facebook page to the Haiti photo album (or click here)!
P.S. We have absolutely loved getting to lead you all in the Monday and Thursday Bible Studies! I feel like we are all growing and learning so much, us included!! We only have one week left, so finish strong! And don't forget, girls ONLY pool party on July 30 @ the home of the Morgans! See you there! Love y'all!
-Devon and Payton

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