Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer is Here but Modest is Hottest with @SwimLimeRicki

I LOVE summer! I love the sunshine (all that extra vitamin D makes me happy), playing in the water at the pool, at the lake, on the river, or at the beach, opportunities to travel....and I love doing all this with students! Summer is just a happy time, don't you think?!

There is one area of summer that is a little more challenging though....the SWIMSUIT. No other time of year would anyone find it appropriate to run around in our undergarments, but for some reason, all views of modesty are out the door when it comes to these yearly months of summer. I've written extensively on this subject already >>click here<<, so I won't get back up on my soapbox, but as you get ready for beach vacations, tubing on the lake with friends, and laying out by the pool, I will beg you to at very least protect what you post on facebook, twitter, and other social networks. Guard the hearts and eyes of your brothers, pastors, father-friends, and the average Joe Shmoe. Please.

I don't want to leave you high and dry either! Last year I posted a laundry list of places that sell uber cute one-piece suits and/or *appropriate* tankinis. One of my most fav sites is LimeRicki.com! Love, love, love them....and they love, love, love Girls for His Glory girls!! So much so that they are offering us a special 10% coupon code that's good now through June 6th! Now you have no excuse not to have a great suit for camp, pool nights, river nights, and any other awesomely fun water activity this summer!

Just type "Girls4HisGlory" in the promotion code box at check out! Thank you Lime Ricki for loving our girls!

Remember an appropriate suit covers your chest, entire sides and doesn't dip excessively low in the back. No cutouts or low loops. An appropriate tankini is one that fully covers your stomach, even when your arms are raised high. Be smart when choosing a suit for summer actives with FBC, if your suit doesn't meet these requirements, we will still let you join in on the fun - but you will need to wear one of our old, dark t-shirts the entire time. I can't guarantee it will be a clean shirt either haha.

Let's gear up together for one amazing, God-glorifying, brother-protecting, fun summer! It's gonna be hot...but Modest is Hottest! ;-)
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