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Girls Ministry 411 on BOUNDARIES by Renee Curry!

Last month Mrs. Renee Curry lead our last High School Girls 411 of the school year! She did a GREAT job teaching on how to set up healthy, godly boundaries and I just had to have her share a recap with you here! This lesson was derived from Mary Kassians "Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild" book, which we have LOVED. Thank you Ms. Renee for your faithfulness to loving, serving, and teaching our Girls For HIS Glory girls! 

At our last 411 we talked about boundaries. Boundaries are something that indicates bounds or limits.. God gives us boundaries because He loves us so much and wants to keep us from harm.  If you were not able to be with us let me ask you to go to Youtube and watch “SlowFade” by Casting Crowns.  It is a great song that we all need to take to heart. It is the small wrong decisions we make that lead us to the bigger mistakes!  We need to have our boundaries in place now BEFORE we are faced with the situations.

Guard your life against the potential for sin and avoid being trapped by it. A fool is someone who doesn’t take precautions and thinks she won’t get hurt, someone who thinks they can handle it. As Proverbs 14:16 says, “A wise man fears the Lord and shuns evil, but a fool is hotheaded and reckless.”

So how can we remain pure? By living according to God’s Word (Psalm 119:9). We must identify the pitfalls of sin and avoid and guard yourself from the traps of it.

A hedge is a protective method that lessens the risk of something negative happening.  In business strategy it is used to minimize exposure to unwanted business risk.  For us boundaries defend against loss, protects against sexual injury and loss, or it’s a personal rule that minimizes a woman’s exposure to an unwanted sexual risk. Hedges need to be clear, definitive and strong; if we disregard these we leave ourselves susceptible to the danger of sin. Just because something is allowed does not make it right. We must guard our lives so that we do not become slaves to sin (1 Corinthians 6:12).

Some of the hedges we need to hold fast to:
  • ·      Time hedge – Often we make excuses that we don’t have time when it comes to reading God’s Word, praying, or spending time and having a fellowship with him. When we don’t do these things we have given Satan a huge gap in our hedge! Read Proverbs. 7:2-5.
  • ·      Location hedge – avoid unhealthy environments! We cannot entertain, think on, or contemplate ideas that are wrong. It is not good for us to try to decide how far we can go without getting burned. Read Proverbs 6:27-28 and 1 Corinthians 15:33.
  • ·      Pairing hedge – The person you date should be a Christian – do not be unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14). The pairing hedge goes for friends as well. Read Proverbs 12:26. 
  • ·      Seclusion hedge – Avoid party parties and secluded places! We will interact in places where we can be seen, and this helps to protect us and our decision to stay pure.
  • ·      Communication hedge – sin loves darkness because it loves to hide! Social networking and text has brought people to do and say things they normally would not have done!
  • ·      Contact hedge – limit contact! Do not be in a relationship that leads you to neglect your family, obligations, responsibilities, or opportunities God places in your path.
  • ·      Curfew hedge – follow your nighttime boundaries! There is a reason God gave us parents and your parents give you a time to be home! Too much time can lead to too many opportunities for things other than God’s desire for our lives.
  • ·      Encroachment/ Touching hedge: We must set up proper limits in our lives. Determine now what is right and wrong and set up your boundaries. Be modestly dressed and commit to standards such as no parts of your body will be touched except hands, arms, upper back and shoulders, or that you will not lay beside, under, or on top of someone, or mimic even in play anything that resembles a sexual posture.
Ask yourself this important question: What will my boundaries be? We must determine our boundaries ahead of time, before we are confronted with the situation.  When you are faced with things that cross your boundaries, your heart and mind question it and send up a flag of warning.

Some other verses you might want to look at about setting and maintain Godly boundaries:
1.     2 Timothy 2:22
2.     James 4:7-8
3.     Proverbs 3:5

I am so thankful for the time I was allowed to spend with all the girls!  You all mean so much to me and I am very thankful that God has allowed me to be with you during this time in your lives.  Know that I am praying for all of you, that you would see all that God has for you that you would seek HIM in all that you do, in everything you would seek to share HIM with all who are around you.  Jeremiah 29:11-14 – God has plans for you – seek HIM with all your heart and you will find HIM!  Keep seeking!!! 
- Ms. Renee

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