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Guest Blogger: Megan Simpson on Having a Teachable Spirit!

Hi Girls!

Our last 411 of 2011 was on having a "Teachable" spirit, using Mary Kassian's book, "Girls Gone Wise and in a World Gone Wild". Mrs. Tammy Holt spoke to our Middle School Girls and Mrs. Megan Simpson spoke to our High School Girls! Quite honestly, I feel as this is one of the most vital characteristics a woman (of any age) can have. If you have a teachable spirit then you are able to grow in your walk with the Lord and well, in life in general. It's the prideful, stubborn, arrogant ones that will never reap the growth and fruit that is available if they will just open themselves to learning from God's Word, from godly mentors, and hearing and applying "tough love" sometimes. I asked Megan Simpson (who also teaches our Senior girls Sunday School and is our youth pastor, Derek Simpson's wife) to be our guest blogger this week! I LOVE the practical advice she gives here on what it means to have a teachable spirit and how to seek after one!

Thank you, Megan!

"It was such a privilege to be able to speak at the last 411. I appreciate all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to come fellowship with one another, learn from God’s word, and make some blankets for people in nursing homes! Suzanne does such a great job putting these events together, and I am glad that you are taking advantage of them!

I love God’s word and what it has to say to us about having a teachable heart. Proverbs has so much to say about being a wise woman! When it comes to teachability, a wise woman is eager to grow, and welcomes correction and training! A foolish woman thinks she knows it all and resists change. Proverbs 1 describes three people who refuse to be wise: the Simple, the Fool, and the Scoffer. I deeply desire to be a wise woman, and if you do too, it is important that we recognize tendencies in ourselves that are characteristic of these unwise individuals, and transform our minds and lives to line up with what God’s will is for our lives!

The Simple person is uninformed. She likes not having to think about serious things. She lacks sense, and doesn’t clearly understand the consequences of her actions. In Proverbs 14:15 the Bible says that she fails to give thought to her steps. She is simply content to stay where she is at, and does not have any motivation to grow or become wise. If she is not careful this kind of person can quickly become a fool. The Bible depicts the Fool as being someone who is unconcerned and opinionated. Her way is right in her own eyes. She despises instructions, especially from parents and authority figures. She is complacent. If she is not careful, she could quickly become a Scoffer. A Scoffer is proud and arrogant. She is her own god. She doesn’t care what wise people say, and hates those who say she’s wrong.

Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” This verse gives us two very practical principles of what a wise woman looks like. The first is that we must have a right view of God so that we can have a right view of ourselves. This needs to be our starting place when approaching the subject of teachability. Knowing who God is, and fearing Him is our appropriate response. Mary Kassian in her book Girls Gone Wise says, “The fear of God is a heart-pounding, knee-trembling, spine-tingling, shuddering recognition that God is infinitely more good, powerful, and important that I.” If we desire to grow in wisdom, we must obey and follow him because he is the ultimate source of wisdom. As a woman wanting to be wise, be determined to learn His ways. Eagerly study the Word! Meditate on it day and night. During sermons and other Bible teachings have a pen and notebook ready to take notes! Be intentional, and not complacent about growing in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord!

The second principle we can see from this verse is that because fools despise wisdom and instruction, if we want to be wise we will welcome and love wisdom and instruction. We must be willing to humble ourselves, listen, and seek out advice from others. As young women, seek out the advice of your parents, teachers, and wiser, older people who are in a different life stage than you. Surround yourselves with godly older women who love you and will help you grow. Seek out your Sunday school teacher or another godly mentor, and do life with them. Learn from the failure of others. Don’t be quick to give advice, and think you know it all. It is always better to err on the side of not saying something, rather than constantly running your mouth! Give special attention to people who are willing to make a special effort to lovingly correct you.

Having a teachable heart is something that we all have to work at, yet I think it is one of the most critical mindsets that will help us to turn from our simple, foolish ways to becoming wise. We must humble ourselves, and determine that we will be women who fear the Lord and love wisdom and instruction!"

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  1. What a great post (and site). As an adult who grew up going to church, I absolutely became the complacent, simple woman warned about in the post. Praise God for not letting me stay there. Now our relationship is growing and thriving and I know it's never intended to remain the same.