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As You Are Going...2011 Girls Missions Retreat Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 in this three part series covering our Girls Missions Retreat this month! As mentioned in the previous post the theme and purpose of this weekend was to stir up an understanding of Life Ministry…a mentality of doing ministry “as you are going” rather than through planned events or programs. It’s a mentality of understanding that your walk with the Lord is just that: yours! You, and only you, are responsible for your spiritual growth, for being obedient to the Lord’s calling on you to pray, meditate on His scripture, to share the Gospel, to serve others, to love. No one can do these things for you, nor should you want them to, as these are reactions only you can have to knowing your personal Savior and Lord. However, you aren’t alone! There are so many people and resources available to help you on your journey…and this weekend’s retreat reflected on those!

In Part 1 of this series I introduced two women of faith (Carla Sibley & Lisa Mason) that joined us through the weekend and shared Biblical Truth and life application on this very subject. Click Here to learn more about them. Carla Sibley, my college mentor and the senior pastor's wife at Watkinsville First Baptist Church, spoke on the responsibility (and privilege) as children of God to be growing ourselves spiritually and challenged us in two areas:

1) Dive Deeply into Divine Depths

a. An integral part of growing is studying and knowing the Word of God and passing on His Word to others.

b. Scripture to check out: Deuteronomy 6:4, 1 Peter 2:2, Matthew 5:7 & 6:16, Isaiah 45

c. When reading God Word, go beyond just skimming the words and ask yourself three questions:

1) What are the facts? What is the author saying?

2) What do these facts mean? Write it in your own words.

3) How can I apply this to my life? Is there sin to avoid? A promise to claim? An example to follow? A command to act on? (SPEC).

2) Find a Faithful Follower and Follow her

a. Choose who you follow wisely. Use the word to prove her not the world. Don’t be distracted just by style, popularity, smooth words. Find someone that passionate about God’s Word and who is still growing herself. Make sure she is at least a couple “seasons of life” ahead of you.

b. Follow Hard. Get to it! Don’t assume that you have all the time in the world with this person. Don’t waste your time, you may only have her for a season. (**This is so true! I only sat at Carla’s feet for the few years I was in college. While I made sure to find a new mentor during different seasons, my time with Carla was fairly brief and I wanted to soak up as much of her wisdom as I could!)

c. Give Grace! Remember that you are not following a perfect person (there is no such thing!). Be ready to extend her grace when needed and not so quick to run. You will learn far more if you stick around and learn how she also handles her mistakes.

Saturday morning, Lisa Mason, who was Gina Allison’s college mentor and the Director of Women's Ministry at Classic City Community Church, spoke on serving and loving others as we are going. She shared that we don’t need to have special event planned or sign up for a mission trip in order to serve others and share the Gospel. There are PLENTY of opportunities right now, right where we are…as we are living life. She has three great questions:

1) Who are you touching as you are going?

2) Where are you stopping along your journey and why are you stopping?

3) How are you moving forward?

Lisa also spoke some great truth, reminding the girls that:

1) It doesn’t matter where you are doing as long as you go with Christ

2) God is more concerned about who you are on the inside as that will what is expressed on the outside.

3) It is not about what we do or don’t do, it’s about who He is in you. Are you glorifying God or not?

Lisa really drove it home with this final charge: As believers we are to honor Christ by growing spiritually, living authentically, and participating in His purposes. It’s a choice we make but if we don’t make it we can’t expect to know Christ deeper and be used by Him.

So thankful for these precious ladies that shared such applicable truths with us this weekend. Truths we ALL need to look toward and apply to our life every single day. If we take away anything from this weekend, remember this: YOU are responsible for your spiritual growth (ie: putting yourself in position to grow). This means being obedient and faithful to personal time in the Word and prayer, showing up for opportunities to grow like Sunday School, Youth Group, and other events, it’s sharing the Gospel, serving others, and it's putting yourself at the feet of people who are spiritually more mature and can pour into you…just as Paul mentored Timothy.

Who is your Paul? Will you pray this week about seeking a godly, older woman out to mentor you?

Check back later this week for Part 3 in this series. I’ll be recapping some of the activities and service projects we did as well as sharing some thoughts about the weekend from the girls that attended! Don’t forget pictures from the weekend are on our Girls Ministry Facebook Page!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

As You Are Going...2011 Girls Missions Retreat Part 1

Hello, hello!

I am excited to finally begin recapping our Girls Missions Retreat Weekend in Athens, GA through a three-part blog series. In this post I want to give a little background on how the trip came about. In post two I want to recap the messages that were given by two amazing ladies of faith, and in the final post I want to share some amazing service opportunities we took part in. The entire weekend was centered around one central message from Christ…“As you are going make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Not needing a special event to make this happen, but yet as you live each day, wherever you are, let your focus be on making disciples. Making disciples involves growing yourself (or equipping yourself), knowing and sharing the gospel, and loving/serving others…or in reality, living it all out!

As You Are Going…GROW. SHARE. LOVE.

This was such a special treat for me not only because it’s Athens, GA – home of the Georgia Bulldogs & my alma mater, but because this was a place that I not only accepted a call for a future in vocational ministry, but also this was where I sat at the feet of my first Christian mentor, Carla Sibley. Carla lead a college girls Bible Study in her home while I was in college and her husband, Carlos, pastored Watkinsville First Baptist Church, where I attended as well. To make things even wilder, Carlos and Carla lived in Cleveland for eight years prior to moving to Watkinsville, GA and pastored at Macedonia Baptist Church here! What a small world! They were (and are) loved by so many in Cleveland before I ever knew of them or even First Baptist Cleveland! Needless to say, I have wanted to create an opportunity for my FBC girls to hear from Carla for quite some time, so when it came time to pray through and plan a location for our Girls Missions Retreat, Athens was on the top of that list.

The Lord confirmed that by making me aware of another special woman, Lisa Mason, who was also serving in ministry in Athens. Lisa was influential in one of our FBC Youth Leaders, Gina Allison’s pilgrimage of faith throughout her college days in Iowa. So, to have BOTH of these ladies share wisdom and love and practical application for God’s word with our FBC girls, was priceless. I was so excited for our girls to hear from ladies that had poured into the lives of a couple of their leaders. What a sweet, tangible way to show what can happen when you are willing to have a teachable spirit and willing to let someone invest in you and mentor you. Leaders don’t just happen over night. It takes work, discipline, and obedience for us just as it did for Christ’s disciples. It is making sure others are investing in you and that you are investing in others. You can’t have one without the other. It is indeed a continual growing, serving, and loving that must happen while you are going.

Lisa is the Director of Women’s Ministry and the wife of Pastor Lee Mason at Classic City Community Church, a church plant in Athens. From the moment I first spoke to Lisa an immediate friendship and sisterhood was formed and her excitement for us to come serve their church and community never ceased to overflow. God’s leading in this weekend was evident in every detail that came together. Nothing in life is sweeter than knowing you are right where you need to be and doing exactly what you need to be doing to glorify God and make Him know. Lisa and her team never ceased praying over this weekend together, alone and with me and it was very evident that our plans weren’t really ours, they were the Lord’s.

Check back Thursday for part two on Growing. While we were only in Athens for two nights and two days, we capitalized on every moment as we were going. To be growing and equipping ourselves as well as serving, sharing and loving Classic City Community Church, Athens, GA, The University of Georgia, and the Athens area homeless.

post signaturePS – Want to see ALLL the fun pictures from the weekend? >> CLICK HERE << to for our Facebook page album!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Fun in the Girls Ministry!

Two GREAT ways to be involved in Girls Ministry this month!

Middle School Girls! Don't miss your last 411 of 2011! Come learn how to have a Teachable Spirit that will glorify God and grow you in your walk! 6-8 THIS Monday (10/17/2011) at The Pierce's Home!! Direction Cards available at Student Info Table!!

All High School & Middle School Girls are encouraged to come SERVE the TN Baptist Children's Home on Saturday, Oct. 29th! We will be hanging out with the girls, making crafts, playing games - having a blast! Be sure to bring an item to donate as well (household items like detergent or paper products and toletries are always needed!) Sign-up at the Student Info Table!
SO much going on - Don't Miss out!!

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