Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hi Girls!
Last Thursday night many of our girls had a BLAST at the all girl Summer Campout at intern, Paton Tipton's house! I asked her to share with Girls For HIS Glory about the night and some pictures too! WHAT A FUN NIGHT!!

The campout was such a success, praise the Lord! About 35 of our girls came to hang out and rough it in the wilderness of the yard beside my house. :) We did have to go to EXTREME measures to use the restroom, brush our teeth, do the craft, and grab some food....(we had the luxury of a house haha) , but we all made it through the evening and night alive.
Erica Jolley provided us with a super cute craft, t-shirt bracelets, that seemed to be quite a hit! You'll be seeing them around, I'm sure. We then ventured out to the campfire for a time of sweet worship with the one and only Anna McFarland leading. It was awesome!! We have some very talented singers in our girls' ministry. :) Then it was off to bed for some, while others decided to be adventurous and stay up until 4a.m. (AND get up for VBS the next morning...whoo). The next morning, we awoke to Brinkley knocking on our tents asking if we wanted muffins and biscuits...what a sweetheart. It was then time to pack up and head home to get some more rest. All in all, it was a great night, and if you guys are up for it, we will do it again soon!!! Thank you's to Mrs. Gina Allison, Tammy Holt, Tami Hicks, and Suzanne Gregory for spending some quality time with us that night!

Love to all,


*Want to see more pictures from the camp out?! Click HERE!

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