Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Service Day Recap Video (um,...FUN!)

Hi Girls!

Enjoy this fun video from Saturday's Service Day! We had a BLAST making curtains for our Haiti Mission House!! There's another opportunity help finish this project...details are below!

We still have a good portion of the project to finish and want to invite you to volunteer at your availability to come help! This will be a special time where you or you and a couple of friends meet at Mrs. Gina Allison's house for a couple hours! What a great opportunity to meet with one of our awesome youth leaders and learn this valuable skill!

If you are interested, you can call Mrs. Gina, e-mail her, or Facebook her to set up a time to meet with her in her home. Available dates are JUNE 1 - 14th. Also, if you are an adult or Senior girl that can meet on Friday, May 20th or Monday, May 23rd that time is open as well. You can e-mail Mrs. Gina at ...don't miss this great opportunity for discipleship! (Titus 2!!)

*Also, we have about 3-4 more pillows that need completing. If any mom wants to help us and "own" this task at your home, let me know and we will get you all the material. It will need to be completed by June 15th.

Hope you will take advantage of this sweet opportunity! E-mail me if you have any questions. :)

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