Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Girls Leadership Retreat Recap (Part 1)

This past weekend we went on our Girls Leadership Retreat in Nashville! This was a LifeWay event held at LifeWay and it was awesome! Phenomenal speakers and breakout sessions that were on topic with where girls are today! It was also a sweet time for our Sunday School teachers as there were separate breakout sessions/topics for them to attend. For me, it was a special glimpse at why we even have a Girls Ministry. There was just something sweet about a room full of girls worshiping Christ together and then conversing on subjects that they, as girls, are dealing with! There was little concern for superficial things (like what they looked like or who they were sitting by) since it was a boy-free zone. The bonding that occurred between the younger girls and the older girls was priceless. It really was just a sweet, sweet time.

Throughout the conference girl after girl would come up to me and say "Ms. Suzanne! I just got out of the BEST session! I can't wait to tell you what I learned...I took notes too!" Nothing could have excited me more as a minister than to hear that! So, on the bus ride home I offered the girls a "share time." We had to be super quite in order to hear each speaker, but one by one one of our girls would stand in the center aisle and loudly shared how the Lord had worked in her heart this weekend. This went on for over an hour and was so special. We jotted down some of what was shared and I want to share that here. After all, Leaders are Sharers! Right!? J Also, I have asked some of the girls to write down in more detail some of what they learned and I will be sharing that in the next post...so be on the lookout for Part 2!

Y God spoke to me about my pride.

Y You can do anything with God.

Y Satan tries to rob us by putting “stuff” in our heads creating doubt. We must cling to the Truth!

Y Different ways to study the Bible –3 steps: observation, interpretation, application.

Y Big sister/Little sister – give younger girls your time and share your testimony to gain respect.

Y Leadership skills gained on how to relate and encourage others – especially as an upcoming sports team captain

Y Learned a lot about pride – where it was coming from – how it affects my prayer life.

Y To serve God, you need to make sacrifices – I need to change what is keeping me from God.

Y Enjoyed time spent alone with God and in prayer with some younger girls. We talked about life and prayed together…I learned from the younger girls too.

Y I’ve been weighed down by the world and this weekend was really freeing and put a lot in the right perspective.

Y The picture of Jesus holding the girl/me really spoke to me and how I have been believing lies from the world.

Y Great time in prayer chapel!

Y Hearing about how older girls wish they had heard about the consequences of sin when they were younger made me want to set boundaries now while I’m young to avoid sin myself.

Y I feel different/changed by what I’ve experienced. Kids make fun of me sometimes but I don’t need to care as much because I know where my eternity is.

Y Thankful for burdens shared – and Bible verses shared

Y The Jesus’ picture moved me. Learned a lot about how I relate to my family. I was convicted. I feel different – better.

Y My thoughts can be just as much sin as my actions – I need to guard my thoughts and be more positive and not negative – be more encouraging.

Y Thank you for a group of girls that have welcomed me and not judged me!

Y After this weekend, I want to reach out more and share Christ more because He’s at work in my life and I want that for others!

Y I just moved to Cleveland – I have felt so good and welcomed to the group. This Nashville trip was so much better than expected.

Y I’ve gone to retreats before – made commitments, but would then backslide. I feel called by God to be more accountable and to step up and not let this just be another phase. I want this group to hold me accountable in this!

Y I learned you don’t need an official title to be a leader. Also, a smile can make someone’s day.

Y Encouraged by our youth girls this week and all the godly women here and their love for each other. This is truly a picture of the family of God!

Y Encouraged to see girls bonding – learned about leadership and how to take the next step.

Y Seeing high school girls encouraging younger girls and knowing they are there for them was awesome!

Y I want to go and share Jesus with everyone! Hold me accountable!

Don't you just love that! I am SO honored to serve such a great group of young ladies and godly women! Check out Part 2 coming soon…with more pictures! J

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  1. Loved reading all the comments - it brought back the great night of sharing!!!! It was a wonderful retreat! Great time with God, the girls, and the ladies!!!!! ~Renee