Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls-Only Leadership Retreat!!!

Hi Girls!

I am so excited for the Girls Leadership Retreat next month! I have been thinking about it and praying for it everyday and I really want you on board to attend with us! This retreat will focus on building strong leadership skills and help you to Biblically handle everyday trials such as girl drama (we all deal with that!), stress, conflict resolution, healthy friendships, how to use your spiritual gifts/personality, and discipling younger girls. This event will be held at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville and lead by awesome leaders in Girls Ministry from across the country. This retreat is open to all leadership minded middle and high school aged girls!

SO many of you talk with me on a regular basis about your desire to have a HUGE impact for Christ at your school, in your friend-groups, at home and within our youth ministry…well(!!), here’s a great way to set yourself up for success with that! I hope each of you will pray about this awesome opportunity to grow as a Christian girl leader!

Our Student Senate girls are pumped about this retreat too and made a commercial to boost your excitement! Press play below to see it!

Remember: This retreat is February 25-26. We will be leaving by 9 AM on Friday, Feb 25 and returning Saturday evening (which means you will need to miss school Friday…I know, don’t cry too hard!). Cost is $75 and includes all meals, transportation and hotel. We are staying in an uber nice hotel (yay for great deals) and having an indoor pool party too! So don’t miss out and sign up TODAY!

Absolute Deadline to Sign-up is Sunday, February 13th. *Note: There are limited spots available so sign up quickly.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Happy New Year Girls! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out the pictures from the Girls L.Y.L.A.S. ‘Sisterhood’ Lock-in on the FBC Girls Ministry Facebook page! It was SUCH a fun night full of making new friends and growing as sisters in Christ! We talked about the importance of sisterhood, accountability and having spiritual mentors in our life. I plan to post more on these topics soon, but for now I want to ring in this new year and this new decade!

The end of a decade beacons a necessary time to pause and reflect on all that has happened in one’s life. The past 10 years for me have been the most pivotal ones in my life! It was 10 years ago this past October that I surrendered my life to Christ. My life completely changed direction and nothing has been the same since. Every decision and every door opened and closed has all been for the glory of Christ! I can honestly contest to the freedom found in Christ and the joy that abounds in me because making much of Him truly consumes every ounce of my being.

In these 10 years following my salvation in 2000, I have graduated High School, taught golf at an all-girls summer camp in North Carolina and as an intern at LPGA International, studied abroad in London, England, worked as a nanny in Maine, graduated with my bachelors in advertising from the University of Georgia, served as a summer missionary in San Marcos, California, been an account manager in Public Relations for high-end resorts and destinations, graduated with my masters in theology in Biblical counseling, worked as a media buyer for an advertising firm, served as a missionary in north Africa, and reached my dream of serving middle school and high school girls as a Girls Minister (one of the best happenings ever)! Whew! It’s hard to believe all this life change has happened in just 10 brief years. And that’s just resume’s the little moments that have been so huge! The “ah-ha” moments when I’ve really understood God’s goodness, His call to glorify Him, choosing Him over what’s comfortable and so on. All in all, it definitely makes me excited of how the Lord can and will work in the next 10 years! It is my prayer that His work in me will be a vessel of work in you as well.

How has the Lord been at work in your life over this decade? Is testimony of salvation apart of it? For some middle schoolers, your decade began with learning to walk! At any rate will you comment below and share some of your story!? Let’s praise God through the telling of all that He’s done and continuing to do!

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