Monday, September 20, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Hello Girls!

WOW is an understatement! It has been such a whirlwind of emotions for many FBC folks as we have marched (literally) from the downtown property to our new facility on Stuart Road. The 4.5 mile walk was like an adrenaline rush as the excitement continued to build. From a week of 24/7 reading through the Bible (a couple of times even!) and continuous prayer to our first Wednesday Night Youth service and our first Sunday morning service just yesterday, it has been a historical time in the life of this church family. I am SO honored to be here and I hope you are too! Don't keep this joy and glory and praise experience to yourself - invite your friends! God is doing A-MAZING things here and we to exalt His work by sharing it with everyone we can!

Just take a look at what the walk was like! It was great to see so many of our youth involved! In fact, I would LOVE it if you would comment below and share what has impacted you the most over the past week - through the walk, the reading/praying, first services...share your thoughts!

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PS: Thanks so much to Gina Allison for the AWESOME pictures :)


  1. Amazing is all I can keep saying!!! God has moved in so many amazing ways! I was so excited about the property, the possibilities, all that God was doing! But I didn't count on God making my heart feel the new building was HOME before I even got there! It has been AMAZING! I grew up, was married, had my children dedicated, saved, and baptized, Tom was baptized in the old building - so much history there I thought it would be a little more difficult to leave - but it wasn't I know that as incredible as all of that has been God has SO much more ahead! The walk with my family and my girls was unreal!! When Brother Allan had us look at the old church then turn and he said GO HOME! WOW! How did we get there so quickly! What a gift to hear the Messianic Jewish Rabbi blessing the new building! OH how I was blessed to be able to read John 9-12 when Jesus spoke of bringing all HIS sheep together!! It was all so AMAZING! Woke many times during the night before church praying for the day and for Brother Allan, that our hearts would be open to God's word for us! Sunday was AMAZING!! God has given us so very much - now praying we will be FAITHFUL to HIS calling! ~Renee Curry

  2. Pretty cool stuff Suzanne. Hey I'm adding your feed to Not sure why it's taken me so long...hope that's okay.

  3. Thanks Amy-Jo! That would be awesome! :)