Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girls with Gumption...Are You One??

Hello Sweet Girls!

It has been a crazy busy summer and I have loved every minute of it and the relationships that were strengthened with many of you! But I will be honest, I am excited too that school has started back this week as it allows us all to get back into a little more of a routine (though in youth ministry you never have too much routine).

In a couple of months we will be kicking off our SECOND official year of Girls Ministry at FBC with a party! It will be a night of worship, vision sharing, food, fellowship...and of course some fun giveaways. A night you won't want to miss as we will be walking through our Fall calendar and detailing some new events for you! Moms and daughters of all MS and HS girls (and their friends!) are strongly encouraged to join us on Sept 1st at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Help spread the word!

As I have been finalizing plans for our Girls Ministry this year I have continually gone back to our core value of first and foremost glorifying God and using this central theme to evaluate our calendar for the year. This is my heart behind this ministry and focus of everything that comes from it! I want to continually point each of you to understanding the gospel, it's depth and magnitude, to knowing Christ and the Word so that you CAN be girls that glorify God in all you say and do!

I was reading the blog of my friends in girls ministry (www.girlsministry.net) and loved how she furthered this calling to be girls that glorify God by also challenging girls to make a stand for this lifestyle...to be girls with gumption! You are not just following rules but yet living your life in such a way that you are making a stand for Christ! Here's a bit of what Kristen Carr has to say about Girls with Gumption, which also echoes my heart for our girls and this ministry here at FBC (you can read the entire post on the website, day July 27):

"As tempting as it can be as Girls Ministry Leaders to focus our efforts on helping girls save sex till marriage, wear modest clothing and stop backbiting with one another, I don't think these things can be the "back bone" of our ministries. Why? Because it is the person of Jesus Christ that we want these girls to declaratively follow, not the rule book that makes them look like "good Christians." If, then, we set up our ministries to facilitate their growth in knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is, the unfailing love He is pouring out on them, the life He is inviting them to, and the adventure and calling He has already ordained for their lives, I think we create space for our Savior to raise up a generation of girls with gumption. Girls with gumption grounded in the truth and faithfulness of their trustworthy Savior. Girls with gumption enough to say not only with their mouths, but with their lives "I have decided to follow Jesus and even if none go with me, I still will follow. No turning back, No turning back." Girls with gumption based on their decision to follow the person of Jesus Christ, not just a bunch of rules."

Girls I hope that as you mature in your walk with Christ your desire to be a girl with gumption will only grow stronger! I am praying for you as you begin a new school year...I pray that God is preparing to use you in mighty ways to impact your school and community! He will if you will just follow Him.

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