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Hi Girls!

This is part two on the Do’s and Don’ts of Photography and Photo Sharing! Last post I discussed the purpose behind us being mindful of what we share with others through photography (to glorify Christ!!) and in this post I am going to give you some helpful tips to accomplish this!

Psalm 139:14 praises God and reminds us that you were fearfully and wonderfully made! And Psalm 45:11 says “The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.” At the photo shoot I gave the girls lots of questions for them to ask themselves next time they are taking a picture, and ESPECIALLY if they are posting or sending a picture online or through text. Remember this: you want to P.R.A.I.S.E God in your photo sharing, so check the following before you post!


    • Posture is important! This includes how you sit, stand, and position your body for a picture. It’s important also to make sure you’re not leaning over too much, that your skirt isn’t too short or your shirt too low. Rule of thumb: always sit like a lady.


    • Why are you taking the picture?
      • Are you capturing a memory, a stage of your life, are you celebrating something? These are good reasons to take pictures!
      • Or are you self-promoting yourself, wanting others to notice you and your fine looks. Remember, the KING is enthralled by your beauty, who else do you need to tell you how beautiful you are?


    • Angle is everything! Trust me, the right angle can help in positive ways…I know this secret for sure. But some angles are not honoring to God – such as giving suggestive looks (the pouty face!) and suggestive posturing. Pictures taken of yourself by yourself with the camera lifted high above you and pointing downward can often focus on your chest and not on your face. This can cause guys to stumble so it’s important to focus on your face only in pictures!


    • It’s important check who your audience is as well!
      • Who is seeing the picture?
        • Sometimes we take pictures when we are being silly and hanging out with “the girls,” but that doesn’t mean these pictures need to be posted where boys can see them too. One example would be pictures taken at a slumber party in your pjs.
        • Before you post/send a picture ask yourself: ‘Would you show this to your grandma? Your pastor? Your brother?’
      • Who is taking the picture? Do you trust the photographer to only post appropriate pictures? Be aware of this before a photo session begins!
      • Who is asking for the picture and why are they asking for it?
        • It’s never ok for a guy to ask you to send him a picture of yourself. The motive is usually not right, especially if he asks you to be dressed a certain way for the picture (like in your bathing suit)…or not dressed at all. There is really never a reason to send a guy a picture of yourself. Ever.


    • Where are you when you are taking pictures? Is it somewhere you shouldn’t be? (ie: not at school when you should be, at a party, driving a car while taking picture, etc.? Even if you weren’t partaking in things you shouldn’t, a picture can make it seem as if you were. You will be guilty by association. Be sure to ask yourself if you are with people or items you want to be associated with?)
    • Is it somewhere that can lead others minds to impure thoughts? (ie: your bedroom, lying on your bed, in the bathroom, etc.) Remember a picture is worth a 1000 words and your surroundings say a lot!


    • What else is in your picture? Be sure to look out for the “little things”:
      • Bra strap showing?
      • Light through your skirt?
      • Undergarments lying in the background?
      • Are you revealing more than you want to reveal?

These guidelines will not only help you when you take your next picture or post your next album, but they will also help you look back through your current pictures and reevaluate what you are sharing with the world. Take a moment now and see if you are offering God PRAISE through your pictures. Thursday, I’ll be addressing the question, “How hot is too hott?” I would love to read some feedback as you walk through this blog series. Please comment in the comment section below!

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