Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello, Hello!

May DIG Questions are below! Remember: 1) These come from this week’s quiet time material (Week 34: Proverbs 19-20). 2) The first THREE girls to respond with the correct answers win a “date” with me for free ice cream, lunch, dinner, coffee…whatever! (within reason, of course). This has been lots of fun, so if you haven’t gotten to have a date with me yet, don’t miss out! Comment today! 3) Not only is it fun to win, but these questions are here to help you get the most out of your Bible study time!

1) Proverbs 19 states that “it is not good to have zeal without _________”?

2) What is a quarrelsome wife like?

3) Restate Proverbs 19:18 in your own words as it would relate today.

4) What must you do in order to end up wise? (hint: 19:20)

5) “The fear of the LORD leads to life…” what does this result in (hint: see the next verse)?

6) Proverbs 20 states “every fool is quick to ________”?

7) Restate 20:4 in your own words. How can you apply this to your life today?

8) What does Proverbs 20 say is a rare jewel?

9) What does the lamp of the Lord search?

10) What keeps a king safe and his throne secure?

Awesome! I hope you enjoyed reading through Proverbs 19 & 20 and were blessed from taking an extra minute to really savor its words. These are sweet, sweet words to live by and to help keep ourselves in check. Glory to God first and foremost!

I will have a surprise next week on the blog, so be sure to check back here next Wednesday!

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  1. Chandler NicholsMay 9, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    Hi Ms. Suzanne! This is Chandler Nichols. I have the DIG answers for this month! (listed below)

    1. Knowledge
    2. She would be a difficult, irritable, and grouchy wife.
    3. Keep the commandments and keep your existence: hating them will lead you to loose the love for God.
    4. Listen to all advice.
    5. It results in life, happiness, and protection from harm.
    6. Quarrel
    7. If you don’t do things good for yourself in the present, things won’t look up to you in the future. I can apply this to my life today by homework. If I have homework over the weekend, I try do go ahead and do it right after school, because if I don’t, I won’t want to do it in the last second. (Especially if there’s someone to play with. J)
    8. Good sense
    9. It searches the spirit of a man, and searches out his inmost being.
    10. He remains safe if he is kind, honest, and fair.

  2. Answers to May's DIG questions by KAITY CARTER(:

    1) knowledge
    2) constant dripping
    3) You need to teach your children lessons and set examples while they are still in your home, because if you don't, when they get out in the real world they won't know how to act.
    4) Get all the advice and instruction you can.
    5) life, security, and protection from harm
    6) quarrel
    7) If you don't live life as God intended, life will pass by and you will be left with nothing.
    8) wise speech
    9) the inner depths of the heart
    10) unfailing love and faithfulness