Wednesday, April 7, 2010

APRIL DIG!! It's Spring! Let's Go Get Ice Cream!

Hi Girls!

What an absolutely FABULOUS weekend we just had! Not only was DNOW 2010 SO.MUCH.FUN, but it was also Easter Weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior! Girls! HE IS RISEN! He conquered death! Let us live out this reality in everything we say and do!

Below is a link to DNOW pictures on Facebook, but before you click to go there, here are your APRIL DIG QUESTIONS! Spring is in the air (finally) so hurry and answer these questions so we can go get some ice cream and walk on the Greenway! These questions come from John 15 and 16 (NIV), which is part of your quiet time this week.

  1. In John 15, who is Jesus referring to when He names the gardener, the vine, and the branch?
  2. What must the branch do in order to bear fruit?
  3. What command does Jesus give in John 15?
  4. What does John 15:18-19 say and how does this apply to you?
  5. What was written in their law?
  6. In John 16. who will come when Jesus goes away and what will he do?
  7. What will the Spirit do that will bring glory to Jesus?
  8. How does Jesus say we must ask for things and what will we recieve when we do?
  9. In the second half of John 16, Jeus explains what the time now will be like before we see Him aagin. What does he compare this to?
  10. What does John 16:33 say?

Again, post your answers in the comment section below (and don't forget to include your name). Your answers will remain hiden until I check them and post them (and have given others a chance to answer). I will contact you if you are a winner and we will then plan our "date"...yay!!

Now for the DNOW pictures!! I would LOVE for you to ALSO comment about what your favorite part of DNOW was! Also, if you have pictures from the weekend, e-mail them to me! ( Thanks! :)

Click Here for DNOW Pictures!

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  1. 1.his father, God
    2.remain in the vine
    3.remain in him
    4.You do not belong to the world you belong to Jesus, and the world hated Jesus first.
    5.They hated Jesus without reason
    6.The Counselor, he will convict the world of guilt.
    7.The Spirit will bring glory by taking from what is mine and making it know to us.
    8.God will give whatever you ask in Jesus's name, ask and you will receive and you joy will be complete.
    9.the language we are speaking
    10.He told us these things, so that in him you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble, but he has overcome the world.
    :) Maddie Coulthard <3

  2. From Lainey Goodwill

    1. vine-us gardner-God branch-activity, hobbie intrest....
    2. Please God
    3. What ever you do, do it to please God
    4. The world despises the child of God. It wants us to be like itself, not like God.
    5. to hate God
    6.He will give us the Holy Spirit to guide us.
    7.take what is God's and declare it to us
    8.Prayer. Whatever we ask for.
    10."These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation,but be of good cheer, I have overcomr the world."